At Encourage Her Elena, we want you to know yourself, love yourself, and encourage others to do the same.

It’s that simple.

Hi, I’m Elena Beckius, the Chief Encouragement Officer here at Encourage Her Elena. I’m so grateful you’re here! You’ve been on my heart since the summer if 2017. I’ve been thinking of you and cheering you on within the privacy of my own heart.

After a successful leadership career in financial services, and almost twenty years under my belt, I was a laid off executive with no job and no plan. With my experience and track record, it would be stupid of me not to go chase the money, the title and the recognition. But I knew in my heart, soul and gut that it was time for me to fully step into exactly who I was made to be, and not just at home, not just in the community, but also in my work. The only thing that I knew with 100% certainty was to spend the summer Encouraging You in the same pursuit. That’s exactly what I decided to do.  

Continue to meet me back here to be encouraged and empowered in your own pursuit to be exactly who you were made to be. Also, be ready to be challenged in supporting others to do the same. I can’t wait to see the abundance waiting for us when we fully return to ourselves, exactly who we were made to be all along.

Let’s Hang Out!

Encourage Her Elena Blog

You are a work of art, created with great passion and a unique purpose to do amazing and ordinary things. Because of that, you are exactly enough already. The words in this blog are here to encourage you in the pursuit of believing that every day.

Elena Beckius Leadership Coaching

Are you a leader looking to take your business, leadership or influence to the next level? As a former field executive at a Fortune 500 company, I had the privilege of working for and leading some amazing leaders. I learned that whether you have great results or lacking results, it’s the result of the leader. Learn more about Leadership Coaching by emailing us at ebeckius@think2perform.com.

Elena Beckius Keynote Speaker

Are you planning a conference or incentive trip? Elena would love to speak at your event. Learn more about hiring Elena as your keynote speaker or as the Emcee of your next event by emailing us at ebeckius@think2perform.com.

Encourage Her Elena Podcast

COMING SOON! Stay tuned to learn more about engaging with us on the Encourage Her Elena Podcast. Stay Tuned!


We exist to encourage women in knowing, embracing and stewarding their unique gifts in order to fully step into their purpose, to be exactly who they were made to be at home, in business and in community.


  • Love: Self Love. Love Others. Love God.
  • Service: We serve the world by serving women.
  • Growth: We grow ourselves daily because we are great stewards of the gifts we’ve been given to live out our purpose.
  • Diversity: We value diverse people and diverse perspectives because we are each a work of art. We are inclusive.
  • Purpose Driven Work: We align our work to our purpose at home, in business and in community. We believe that purpose driven work is fun.
  • Abundance: in everything.


To change the world by encouraging the women in your life to live out their purpose.

Let’s stay in touch.

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