Be Thankful…For Yourself

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The last few weeks, you’ve been on my mind. I’ve been thinking about you because I wanted to share, in the interest of Thanksgiving week, how thankful I am for this small community. I’m thankful that real live people read this blog (Yes Mom, it’s not just you, Leah and Emily). You not only read it but actually get something from it and implement it. You share with me on a regular basis how this serves you. Some of you share the blog with your friends, family and social media community. I’m so thankful for that, I had no idea how this thing would pan out. It’s a little scary putting your words out to the world, hoping they serve someone.

This week, I’ve been gathering my thoughts about what I’m learning from many of you. I’m incredibly thankful for the opportunity to learn from you and celebrate your ‘wins’ with you. When I write blog posts, an incredible thing happens, you share back to me the things going on in your world. Things that you should be incredibly proud of. Keep sharing back!

With that in mind, I thought I’d change this week’s message up and share with you all the amazing things you’ve done or in the middle of doing that seriously amaze the heck out of me. Again, thank you for sharing! I am so grateful. Today, on your list of what to be grateful for, be grateful for yourself. Celebrate the woman that you are and that you’re still becoming. You are doing incredible things, hard, messy and beautiful things. You might be 85 years young and still learning and growing as a woman and leader. Celebrate her and be grateful for her. I am.

Here’s what is going on in the lives of the EncourageHer Community.

  • She got up at 5AM. And, she’s not even going to Mexico.
  • She tried again for a baby even after loss. A baby is on the way.  
  • She faced her fears and scheduled the biopsy.
  • She ran a marathon.
  • She ran a 10-mile race.
  • She ran a mile, on purpose.
  • She fell in love after a messy and heartbreaking divorce. She trusted love again – it was hard. It didn’t work out but she still loves herself and can trust herself.
  • She applied for the job and got it. She’s the newest female CEO in Minnesota.
  • She said yes to a promotion even though it was scary to put herself out there. She chose not to stay small.
  • She said no on purpose, even though she felt pressured to say yes. She can trust herself.
  • She fought for more information and other professional opinions around her child’s diagnosis.
  • She researched her tire purchase on her own – AND – negotiated the price down.
  • She decided she didn’t have to stay stuck in a job within a company that didn’t value her. She had her first networking meeting this morning.
  • She hasn’t been feeling well. She trusted her body enough to continue to advocate for her health. She has a new doctor that’s partnering with her.
  • She put her career on pause and decided to stay home with her children.
  • She fought for her marriage even when it was extremely difficult.
  • Her addiction was strong, but she and Jesus are stronger.
  • She’s realized that she’s made over 7,000 dinners for her five children. She can do anything.
  • She kept to a budget and realized she’s really good with money. Now she’s taking on investing.
  • She wasn’t sure if she could afford it, but she gave anyway.
  • She led her team through an extremely hard season. They’re in a better place and grew as leaders because of her leadership.
  • She started a small business and put herself out there in a very public way. It was a huge success.
  • She lost her husband but she still woke up every day. She realized she still had herself.

Each of you amaze me. Thank you for being part of my little world. Thank you for reading my words, but most important, thank you the most for sharing yourself and the things you are doing with me. It makes me want to continue to EncourageHer.

Today, on your list of what to be grateful for, be grateful for yourself. Celebrate the woman that you are and that you’re still becoming. You are doing incredible things; incredibly hard, messy, courageous, scary and beautiful things. You are incredible!  

“Give her the reward and respect she has earned. Praise her in public for what she has done.”

Proverbs 31:31

I see you. I love you. I’m cheering you on!


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